Whether you are looking for client number 1 or 100+…

I can help you get a steady flow of coaching clients.

Are You Feeling Stuck Or Just Getting Started In Your Coaching Business?

Feeling confused and uncertain about what to spend your time doing can lead to many actions that don’t get you the result you want.

There are loads of coaches out there that spend plenty of time being busy… but are not experiencing the success they deserve…

Which I find endlessly interesting because a coaching business is just a series of messages, web pages, emails, automations and maybe social posts.

How are some coaches pulling in loads of revenue and others barely paying the bills?

The answer is that the successful coaches send the right message at the right time. Their potential clients hear exactly what they need to hear to eventually purchase.

Yes, it’s all words, web pages, emails… but, done correctly, it’s utterly clear, simple, magnetic, and inspiring.

Let me help you find the right combination that has clients seeking you out.

The End Goal Is A Business Where You Can “Show Up And Coach”…

Where you’ve built the systems necessary so that you can create that core content each week and then let the consults pour in.

You just need to show up and provide your beautiful coaching.

There are two ways I can help you get to the “Show Up And Coach” state.

Individual Coaching Is The Fastest Way To Build Your Online Business Skills

Whether you are currently building (or thinking about building) your first website or have been doing this for years and have multiple offers available…

Having an experienced guide is a huge time saver. Not to mention, a giant reduction in stress.

After you’ve been pointed in the right direction and shown the right tips and tricks, you can do it over and over again. Each iteration saves time and money.

If you envision your coaching business as a one- or several-person team…

Learning how to build/update a web page, create a lead magnet, write and schedule emails, set up basic automation, and effectively promote a new offer…

Are all perfect skills to have and that I can transfer to you with individual coaching.

What you learn during our time together will continue to pay back dividends for years going forward.

1:1 Coaching

One on one coaching is the perfect way to focus on exactly what you need help on right now. Unsure of your next step? We’ll start with your goals and work backwards to what you need to be doing right now to take your business to the next level.

12, 60-Minute Sessions

Investment: $2,997


3 monthly payments of $1,097


My Done-For-You Online Business Services Will Add Gasoline To The Fire

Whatever your vision is for your coaching business, I can make it happen.

When you have my team and I available to build your dreams…

What you previously didn’t have the bandwidth to accomplish… is now possible.

What felt hard before… becomes easy.

Think of me as your Chief Operations Officer. 

I know the title sounds overkill in a one- or two-person company, but it’s quite perfect.

Even for a one-person company, having someone to provide feedback, execute the action items and bring the vision to life is more than worth it when it means that you get to coach more and more clients.

You get to bring in more and more revenue.

You Will Have Direct Access To Me

We’ll meet on Zoom. Video conferencing is the best way for me to understand all the details of your project.

We’ll have Zoom meetings at milestones of project execution, as appropriate.

Your feedback is critical to ensure your project looks and feels exactly as you envisioned.

Curious? Try me out for your next small project (landing page, email sequence, Facebook/Instagram ad, etc) to see how we work together.

If you are reading this, then I am currently taking new clients. 

The fact that I work so closely with life coaches means it takes a lot of my time. As a result, I only take on a few clients at a time. 

Contact me quickly if you’d like to be one of them.


Online Business Services Tailored To The Coaching Industry

I will lead a team to implement any business idea you might have. What can I get done for you? Anything! Consider me your consulting Chief Operations Officer.

  • Landing pages, whole websites
  • Email copywriting,  scheduling
  • Facebook ad campaigns
  • Podcast editing, show notes
  • Social media graphics, posts
  • Membership sites

Email or schedule a Mini-Session for pricing

Are you interested in getting started or have a question you’d like to discuss?

Either send me an email at [email protected] or sign up for a free Mini Session below.

After these 30 minutes you’ll walk away knowing if we are a good fit!

Hear What Others Think Of Working With Me

I own and operate a multi six figure coaching practice and I couldn’t have done this without BJ’s coaching. He has a lot of knowledge and is eager to share it. He is patient and methodical and what I have found is any problem I encounter he has unequivocally helped me figure out the solution. I know that wherever I want to take my business BJ can help me get there. I can’t recommend him enough.
Dr Deb
Before I had my first consultation with BJ, I wasn’t sure if I really needed a “business coach”.  I have an MBA from a top program and 15 years of experience working for large companies.  While I was skeptical, I was also eager to gain perspective from anyone that could potentially add value.  I had just started my engineering consulting business, and I wasn't really sure what to work on first.  After each session I walked away with new energy, new ideas and an accountability to get something done for my business before our next meeting. Every small business owner knows it’s hard to balance the work and growing the business.  BJ helps with that.  His thoughtful questions will help you find your way.  I call him my "business therapist".  
Dale Messey
I knew that I wanted to reach more people, but it just wasn't happening through word of mouth or my website like I had hoped.

I had a lot of ideas about how I could move forward, but I really wasn't sure where to start. BJ took the time to understand the “art” business. And, he skillfully turned my unorganized ideas into a working plan.

He helped me fine tune my online presence so that I could find clients all over the US.  I knew that I wanted to be successful, but he helped me define exactly what that is.  That vision of success has added a lot of clarity in what I need to do everyday.  I know exactly what I need to do coming out of our weekly sessions, and that seriously cuts down on the anxiety of trying to figure out what to spend time on.  I am grateful for having BJ on my team. He is absolutely the best gift I have given myself and my business!
Katie Bensky