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Want more clients?
Swamped with finding the time and skills to write, design, web develop, troubleshoot tech, create content…?

Curious to see how AI can save life coaches time and effort in the day to day of running a coaching business?

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Want to do more coaching and less struggling to find clients?

You know your purpose is to coach others…

But, you’re not so sure that you have the time or skills to be a copywriter, web designer, web developer, software integrator, accountant, radio/tv personality, etc?

Most coaches get their first certification because of an innate desire to help others find relief just as they did themselves.

But, gaining the skills in order to guide someone through that transformation doesn’t guarantee that anyone will hire you.

It turns out you also need to get the word out about what you do, how you can help, and show off the life changing results you have to offer.

Like many coaches, you may be stuck in this phase of knowing how to coach but not having enough clients to…

Those are all real challenges.

But, they are obstacles that every successful life coach before you has overcome.

It comes down to how to be a coach AND run an online business.

That’s where I come in.

"How Can I Do it all?"

Feeling like you don’t have enough time shows up in more places than just your calendar.

If you feel like you are getting lost in a sea of coaches… your messaging will be cloudy.

If you feel like you don’t have enough revenue to ditch your day job… you won’t be able to focus on serving others.

If you feel like you are living client to client… potential clients will pick up on that energy.

It can feel like there’s an obstacle, a hump that you just need a little push to get over and then things will get smoother.

EVERY successful coach has been there.

You have a very specific, extremely valuable skill. You know how to help others. 

The world would be missing out if you didn’t create your opportunity to share your craft with the world.

Playing small, accepting your current revenue, and not fighting to become unstuck… means letting your future clients continue to struggle.

You must help yourself so that you can help others.

Become a client magnet.

It is such a beautiful thing when you create a piece of content every week and the consults and payments turn from a sputter to a steady stream.

Of course, this comes after you have already set up your systems to handle all the people coming into your world. 

Your job now? 

“Show up and coach.”

That’s what I call this state of having a successful, established online coaching business. 

Your job becomes to create that one piece of content every week and then help those who seek you out. 

The content is what establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. And, it initiates your magnetic-like attraction.

It clearly communicates to potential clients if and how you can help them.

When you’re not doing consults, you have an abundance of time to dedicate to your clients.

With a constant flow of clients, you are always bettering your craft, improving your skills.

And, of course, the revenue is just one more fact that proves you are a leader in your industry and capable of providing for you and your loved ones.

When it is your duty to guide others along a similar path to what led you here today… finding as many people to help as possible becomes a mission.

I know that you want to find more clients, more opportunities to further your mission.

Hi!  I’m BJ.

I help life coaches build a business around what they love to do – coach!

I love copywriting, web design, web development, processes, spreadsheets, application integrations, and business strategy… so that you don’t have to.

I help life coaches get more clients by providing online business services tailored to the coaching industry as well as business coaching.

I both work in my clients’ businesses as well as in their heads training them to become powerful online business owners.

Climbing the ladder at a Dow 30 company as a manufacturing engineer for 11 years…

My experience completing an MBA with all A’s from a top 20 school…

Taught me how to solve problems and create value, but it also showed me exactly what I was missing.

I have a long-running, deep-seated belief that we need to have a strong connection with what we do for a living. Our “work” must provide innate satisfaction. Built into every human is a desire to help others.

When I stumbled into helping my first life coach client create a FB ad… and then a lead magnet with a landing page… and then a scheduling calendar…

And then watched the consults pop up?

I was hooked.

Passion, personal satisfaction, helping others, spreading positive vibes…

Life coaches are my people.

Online business is my craft.

This is the world I was introduced to 5 years ago, but now I am armed with unstoppable, timeless strategies and continuous improvement.

Building a coaching business can be…

✅ Confusing


✅ Difficult

But, have you considered that it doesn’t have to be?

I have helped life coaches exponentially increase their income, massively reduce stress, and free up precious time.

Let me show you how in this extremely simple approach to building your business.

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